"Outstanding musicians... The soloists were on showcase form... nuanced contrasts of ensemble warmth and cultured phrasing... an informed, musically considered concert programme"
John Forsythe, 4 Bars Rest, 31 Dec 2021

"The ability of the group to establish such a warm, rich and balanced sound within the first minutes of rehearsal was impressive."
"The program balanced lighter fare with more technically demanding repertoire and impressed upon the audience how much fun we had the whole time."
Amy Cherry, The Bridge Issue 115, page 15.

"Most of the members of the enthusiastic audience, which gave Athena a standing ovation, followed the band members to a local Bennigan's for post-concert libations and camaraderie."
Susan Reigler, The Bridge Issue 100, page 9.

"They converged in Kentucky for several hours of rehearsal on a Thursday night, and then wowed the crowds in Danville over the next three days, developing an enthusiastic fanbase wherever they played."
Lisa Galvin, The Bridge Issue 97, page 14.

Last updated: 10 December 2022