Susan Reigler (Tenor Horn)

Award-winning writer Susan Reigler was born in Louisville the year Swaps won the Kentucky Derby. Except for a two-year sojourn at Britainís Oxford University, where she earned a Masters Degree in Zoology, she has lived all her life in the Bluegrass State.

From 1992 to 2006, Reigler was a staff writer and the restaurant critic for the Louisville Courier-Journal. She is also the author of "Kentucky (A Fodor's Compass American Guide)", now in its second edition and "Adventures in Dining: Kentucky Bourbon Country". Her third book, about the cultural and natural history of Kentucky's state parks, will be published by University Press of Kentucky in 2009.

Reigler lives in a stone cottage built when Washington was President on an historic farm and nature preserve outside of Louisville, where she is the resident biologist. Her musical life consists of being a founding member of the Ars Femina Ensemble, playing solo tenor horn with the Commonwealth Brass Band and second tenor horn with the Athena Brass Band, and playing trumpet with the orchestra of Indiana University Southeast . She also teaches biology at IUS and is currently completing a degree there in Music, which will be conferred in spring, 2008.