Naomi Jarvis (Bb cornet)

Naomi's love of brass instruments started when she picked out a trombone from a heap of ancient instruments at the Blewbury Brass Band jumble sale and played it (or tried to) behind a shed until she saw stars. She graduated from the junior band to the senior band as a trumpet player, and from then on school holidays were filled with band engagements, often outdoors - village fetes in summer and carols at Christmas, sometimes in the snow, more than once in freezing fog. Later on she played the cornet with City of Birmingham Brass Band and then Kidlington Brass Band. She is a founder member of Athena Brass Band.

Naomi has a DPhil in experimental nuclear structure physics from the University of York (UK) and is a research scientist at Carnegie Mellon University, often working at Jefferson Lab in VA as a member of the GlueX collaboration. She is a frequent bike commuter, enjoys gravel riding and loves to play in the snow on cross country skis.